Our developments around PRTG

The network monitoring product of Paessler is a great software offering powerful possibilities of complementary integrations. PRTG Network Monitor has “Technological Alliance” with other IT players. Orsenna’s technical teams have gone even further by developing additional components.


GLPI synchronization

Most important to remember: we create a tool for easy synchronization with GLPI on assets

This program allows you to synchronize PRTG and GLPI elements. It allows to update fields and properties defined in the configuration, to add an unsupervised/monitored element in PRTG and to add uninventoried elements in GLPI. It allows to synchronize with all GLPI assets.

Adding GLPI items in PRTG

  • Definition of default group to add the items of GLPI
  • A respective group can be defined for each asset if you do not want to use the default group
  • The items to be added can be filtered with the fields of GLPI as well as the functions available for filtering by fields (see the documentation on the function “search” of the API)
  • The items will be added in the defined group
  • Removal / addition of equipment in PRTG that are synchronized but no longer exist in GLPI

Update of the equipment in PRTG

  • Update of the IP of the equipments with the corresponding IP in GLPI
  • Update (add) the properties of the synchronized equipments with the GLPI fields defined in the parameters
  • Deletion of the equipments in PRTG. They will not be monitored anymore.


Sensor NRPE

Most important to remember: This program adds an NRPE plugin to the list of PRTG sensors.

This NRPE plugin can also be used to retrieve specific NRPE (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor) scripts as part of a Nagios to PRTG migration.



GEUM (user feedback)

Most important to remember: this tool entirely designed by Orsenna is a global end-user monitoring robot.

This utility is distinguished by three main functionalities which are :

  • GEUM Recorder | records actions and allows them to be replayed (locally or remotely)
  • GEUM Player | allows the execution of the different HTML sessions contained in the XML files.
  • GEUM Scheduler : allows you to collect performance data and communicate it to the supervision console.


PyProbe (with iPerf & NetFlow sensors)

Most important to remember: This probe adds two missing sensors to your PRTG dashboard, an iPerf sensor and a NetFlow sensor.

The strength of this probe is the presence of several sensors. Thus, it completes the PRTG console with 19 additional sensors. The iPerf sensor is used to measure the quality of the bandwidth. This network test tool creates TCP and UDP data flows in order to measure the throughput. As well as the NetFlow sensor, as its name suggests, adds an indicator to measure it. The box is quickly integrated via an API.

In addition, we also offer advanced integrations to analyze NetFlow with third-party solutions, such as Scrutinizer (Plixer – Uptime Alliance Partner).



Most important to remember: this device discovery software (without agents!) is appreciated for its scanning power.

Lansweeper allows you to take inventory of devices within the infrastructure by scanning network devices, offsite computers, network resources, etc. It has more than 400 ready-to-use templates to simplify rapid network discovery.


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